Hybeko RS-85 XC Rock Scaling boom lift

Hybeko introduced a custom built CE marked cliff face stabilisation platform based on the 85ft Genie S-85 XC boom lift.

Hybeko RS-85XC

Has been designed in partnership with local rock scaling specialist Gjerden Fjellsikring and Slovenian rock drilling manufacturer Oprema Ravne, specifically for rock scaling and cliff face stabilisation work to prevent rock falls on to roads or railways etc.

Transport and use

The Rock Drill with traveling carriage is incredibly safe and easy to use. Easily disassembled when the machine is to be used for mountain cleaning. Separate brackets are included for storage and transport of drilling rig

Standard Features

  • Aluminum basket with replaceable parts
  • Protective roof
  • Lifting hook for lifting yoke
  • Reflex tape chassis/basket
  • Padded bumpers for impact resistance
  • Stand for drill rods
  • Stand for crow bar
  • Boom Wipers seals
  • Air hose to basket
  • Water hose to basket
  • Protective cylinder bellows
  • LED worklights
  • AC Power cord to basket
  • Fire extinguisher chassis 6 kg
  • Active oscillation
  • Extreme lifting capacity

Low vibration level

Allows you to work several hours without reaching the limit values ​​for vibrations a person should be exposed to during a working day. It also has a positive effect on productivity and efficiency. Hybeko RS-85XC med komplett borrigg


RS-85XC is equipped for high productivity And with additional equipment you can make work in the platform even better.

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